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Animal Air Care


We have been specialising in the care of pets travelling by air for 25 years.



Animal Aircare Company Ltd. manage the Border Control Post (BCP) at London Gatwick Airport, which incorporates the Animal Reception Centre (ARC). We also have an additional ARC facility at London Heathrow Airport. Our Animal Welfare Officers are responsible for the safe and secure handling of all animals entrusted into our care whilst they are staying in their temporary airport accommodation.

At all of our facilities, we offer a temperature-controlled, safe and highly secure environment for handling animals travelling outbound and inbound, and for those in transit for an onward departure.

Our facilities include spacious dog kennels, catteries, isolation rooms for birds and reptiles, toilet areas, and pet kitchens. Our accommodation comprises individual, quiet, and temperature-controlled housing pens which fully provide for the needs of all the animals and family pets we care for. Ahead of their arrival each dog or cat is provided with fresh bedding.


We can board your pet in advance for your flight – please see our Services – Boarding page



Special requirements and diets are no problem, contact us in advance and advise us of your pet’s needs.

ginger cat laying down
grey cat with orange eyes
black and cream dog
2 green and yellow parrots sitting on a stick
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Why Choose Us

Our friendly team are there to assist you and understand that your pet is a much loved member of your family.

Helpful Team

Our team provide full assistance with the regulations required for your pet to travel.

Global Knowledge

Up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of the appropriate regulations for each country.

Extra Mile

Our team will go the extra mile and check options and availability on your preferred flights.


There are many aspects to pet travel and we we ensure that lines of communication stay open.