Animal Aircare houses over 80 Ukrainian rescue animals for quarantining

23 Sep, 2022

As the world watched the crisis in Ukraine unfold, our dedicated team of Animal Welfare Officers became concerned about news reports of large numbers of animals trying to exit Ukraine and enter the UK with their owners, but due to strict entry requirements, they would need to quarantine for a period of time. The team at Heathrow knew that our brand-new state of the art animal reception facility is ready and intended to undertake border control checks on live animals entering the UK on behalf of government agencies such as DEFRA/APHA. Therefore, they reached out to the department of environmental, farming, and rural affairs (DEFRA) and the Animal Plant and Health Agency (APHA) to express our keen interest in helping these pets whilst they undergo border control checks and quarantine and within 48 hours, we were an approved facility.

We were thankful that the government agencies were quick to reply and fast tracked our facility to become a temporary quarantine facility, the government officers visited our site and were impressed by the large state of the art facilities and our highly experienced and dynamic team.

Our team quickly sprang into action, and we were able to fully kit out our large facility with important equipment including bedding, food, and toys for the pets of Ukraine, the staff immediately started shifts and began to prepare official documentation to ensure a seamless process once the animals started arrival from ports around the UK.

With the help of a local superintendent Veterinary surgeon who conducted health checks and administer vaccinations, our facility would hold over 70 animals at one time while the pets are treated for many parasites and completing their quarantine isolation period.

Many of the animals that were held in the facility were reunited with their Ukrainian owners providing they had British families or British citizenship or had a sponsor that lives in the UK, some animals are also being sponsored by British Citizens to ensure they have a safe home and are looked after. DEFRA/APHA have provided funds for the animals to board in a quarantine unit and live in the UK once the period of quarantine has passed. However, for some animals when they left our facility, were required to quarantine either within their property or another kennels which was financially covered by DEFRA/APHA.

The staff at the facility have given the animals as much love as possible to make them feel safe until they were permitted to leave the facility, owners and sponsors in the UK were kept in the loop and able to visit their pets if prior arranged.

“Seeing the animals first being shell-shocked and then becoming themselves again as they relaxed in our kennels was so rewarding. The best part was reuniting them with their owners after they had finished their quarantine, it was very emotional!” – Rebecca Moss – Animal Aircare Supervisor

Here is a short clip of Burton who completed his Ukrainian quarantine with us, being reunited with is owners.

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